Nicotine Damaged Furnace Control Board

Understanding How Tobacco Smoke Effects Your HVAC System

If you have ever been into a non-smoke free home then you may have noticed the yellowing on the walls, when they were once white. This is caused by the residue produced by the tobacco smoke and it has the same effect on the inner components of the HVAC system.  

The HVAC System is like the 'lungs' for your home. The system breathes and circulates air throughout your home. Cigarette smoke not only causes harm to yourself and those around you, it can also harm and cause damage to your HVAC system which could lead to potential breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

If anyone smokes cigarettes in the home or if you have a connected air vent system with your neighbors; typically found in condo's & apartments, then your system is at risk of damage. Cigarette smoke will linger, effecting the quality of the air your HVAC system is 'breathing' in order to operate. Once the contaminated air, filled with particles from the tobacco smoke, enters the system it begins to coat the inside of the system, controls, vents, and inner components  with a residue, this residue will also cause a foul odor that will remain on the residue and throughout the system. Another harmful bi-product of smoking is ash, and ash is very dusty these particles will make their way into your system, remaining in the system and forcing it to work harder in order to breath and could lead to damaging the equipment. 

Here are some tips on what you can do if your system is exposed to Tobacco smoke and to help reduce the lingering foul odor. 

The Obvious: Don't Smoke. 

Easier said than done, many people that smoke want to quit and have tried to stop, for some, several times. Click here for some resources in the Ottawa area to help people quit smoking. 

 Do your best to smoke outside and not inside the home. 

 Replace The Filter More Often. 

The furnace air filter, filters out dust, debris and other small particles from the air, preventing them from spreading and blown all over your home.

Regular Furnace Filter Replacements prevent the filter from getting clogged up with dust and dirt which will prevent the particles from entering into your home’s air – which will effect the air quality in your home and the performance of your furnace.

Furnace Filter Replacements
Click here to learn more about Regular Filter Replacements. 


 Install a HEPA Filtration System Or Air Cleaner 


Get in touch to schedule an in-home consultation to learn about some of our Air Filtration Systems. 


Ensure You Are Having Professional Annual Maintenance Done On Your System 

Annual Preventative Maintenance, cleaning and inspections to avoid unexpected breakdowns, early detection of wear while keeping your equipment running longer maintaining the comfort in your home.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home and would like to learn more about some of the options and products available to you, please reach out to the CoolHeat Comfort Team. 


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