comfortclub maintenance plans


Get All The Perks Of Being a ComfortClub Maintenance Plan Member For An Affordable Low Monthly Payment.

ComfortClub Maintenance Plan

Prevent Breakdowns

CoolHeat ComfortClub Maintainence Plans include our Annual Preventative Maintenance, Cleaning and Inspection package. 

Preventing unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs while ensuring your equipment is operating at peak performance maintaining the comfort in your home. 


ComfortClub Maintenance Plan

Catch Parts Before They Fail

With annual maintenance our CoolHeat Comfort Technicians are able to inspect and detect any signs of wear or damage, preventing emergency breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

ComfortClub Maintenance Plan

VIP Priority Service

With Flexible Scheduling, and VIP Service you will know exactly when your technician will arrive for annual maintenance, and for any emergencies or breakdowns that may occur. 

24/7 - 365 Days A Year 

Have peace-of-mind knowing certified CoolHeat Comfort Technicians are available.


The CoolHeat ComfortClub Maintenence Plans are affordable, economical and reduce your overall costs to maintaince your heating and cooling products annually, for a low monthly payment.

ComfortClub Maintenance Plans

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ComfortClub Maintenance Plans

How The Program Works

Scheduling Maintenance

After Being A ComfortClub Maintenance Plan Member For 11 Consecutive Months The CoolHeat Comfort Team Will Schedule Your Maintenance Visit On The 12th Month.

Can I Join Before Doing Maintenance This Year

You May Sign Up For The ComfortClub Maintenance Plan At Anytime, It Is Recommended To Ensure Your Annual Maintenance Is Up To Date At Time Of Registration.

When You Sign Up For A ComfortClub Maintenance Plan - Receive A 20% Off Gift Card To Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Visit This Year, Ensuring Your Maintenance Is Up To Date.


You May Cancel Your ComfortClub Membership At Anytime.

We Do Not Issue Refunds Or Credits To Your Account If The Membership Is Cancelled Before The Annual Maintenance Is Performed.

Annual Renewal

ComfortClub Maintenance Plan Pricing Is Secure For 12 Consecutive Months And Are Renewable After 12 Months Of Membership. Subject To Change and Price Increase After 12 Months.

What If I Move

The ComfortClub Maintenance Plan Is Transferable To Your New Home & New Equipment, Send Us A Transfer Request & We Will Take Care Of The Rest.

The ComfortClub Maintenance Plan Is Not Transferable To The New Home Owner. - The New Owners Are Responsible To Re-Register The Equipment.


Replacement Filter Program

High Quality Furnace Filters.

Delivered Right To Your Door


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