Replacing Dirty Furnace Filters

Regular Furnace Filter Replacement

As Ottawa Valley's Heating & Cooling Service Provider we know how important your furnace is to maintaining a comfortable home, especially during the harsher winter months. 

Your furnace not only is responsible for heat it is also responsible for the air quality in your home. 

The furnace air filter, filters out dust, debris and other small particles from the air, preventing them from spreading and blown all over your home.

Regular Furnace Filter Replacements prevent the filter from getting clogged up with dust and dirt which will prevent the particles from entering into your home’s air – which will effect the air quality in your home and the performance of your furnace. 


Regular Furnace Filter Replacements Have A lot Of Perks! 

By replacing your furnace filter regularly you may experience some of these benefits.

Improved Performance & Efficiency 

When you replace the dirty filter, the new  filter will improve your furnace performance & it's efficiency - noticeably 

A new filter will allow your furnace to breath easier, with less restriction, it will no longer have to compete with any debris or particles that have accumulated on the older filter, giving your furnace an opportunity to breath easier and not have to work as hard to perform properly.

You Will Save Money on Your Energy Costs.

With a furnace that is performing efficiently, expect to see savings on your energy costs.

A clean furnace filter allows your furnace to breath and not work overtime due to which will consume less energy saving you money!

Prevent Breakdowns & Improved Your Furnace's Lifespan.

By not changing your furnace filter regularly, you are putting you are forcing your furnace to operate in harsher conditions putting more more strain on the system to perform properly, increasing wear and tear and having higher changes of breakdowns leading to expensive repairs and emergency service calls. 

By replacing your furnace filter regularly you are allowing your furnace an  opportunity to operate in optimal conditions for longer aiding to the lifespan of your equipment. 

Better Air Quality In Your Home. 

Not replacing your dirty furnace filter can lead to a number of health concerns including asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses and complications. 

By leaving a filter that is clogged with dust, particles, debris or even pet hair, will  restrict the airflow to the furnace, causing it to operate poorly, less efficient and could lead to the system shutting down. .

Change Your Furnace Filter Often!

At minimum we suggest to replace your furnace air filter at least every 3 months. Other factors should be considered that may require your furnace filter to be replaced more often. Such as pets, allergies, systems and environmental conditions.  

 The filter in your furnace should be replaced more often in a home with pets, most pets shed hair and dander, which will clog your furnace filter quicker. 

A home that burns wood, or has smokers in it should also replace the furnace filter more often. 

You should also replace your furnace filter more often if you are leaving the furnace fan running most of the time.

Replacing Your Filter Is Only Part Of The Maintenance Required To Ensure Your Furnace Is Operating At Peak Performance. 

Along with regular furnace air filter replacements your furnace requires regular annual maintenance. Regular annual maintenance is also a requirement by most brand manufactures to protect the warranty on your system. 


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