Keep Older Systems Running Longer

We know you don't want to spend thousands on a new system when you can get many more years out of it. This is why we created the 'No Risk Fix' package. We will do our best to fix it to our best abilities. If we find out that the parts required to fix the unit would be more expensive than a new unit and you choose not to repair. We will offer the cost of our service towards the new unit! 

No Risk Fix Program

How It Works

Schedule A Service Call

Scheduling A Service Call Allows Our Professionally Trained Technicians To Properly Diagnose Any Faulty Components With Your System That May Be Able To Be Replaced. Keeping Your System Running Longer.

Repair The System

Our Trained Technicians Will Replace Any Faulty Parts On Your Equipment.

Labor Charges

Should Your Equipment Fail Again Within The First 3 Months Of The Original Repair Any Labor Charges (up to 2 hours) Will Go Towards The Purchase Of Your New Equipment.