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CoolHeat Comfort Systems

ComfortClub Furnace & AC Combo Maintenance Plan

ComfortClub Furnace & AC Combo Maintenance Plan

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CoolHeat ComfortClub Furnace & Air Conditioner Combo Maintenance Plan 

Includes Annual Maintenance Once Per Year On Both Systems 

Included In Furnace Maintenance

  • Clean Out P-Trap & Drain Hoses
  • Wire Brush Burners
  • Steel Wood Clean Flame Sensors
  • Steel Wood Clean Spark Ignitor
  • Inspect & Secure 24V Connections
  • Vacuum bottom & top compartment
  • Inspect for signs of rust in top compartment
  • Brush vacuum blower fins/wipe
  • Set gas pressure
  • Inspect filter 

Included In Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • Check thermostat and turn unit on
  • Confirm air flow at furnace (around house to check vents)
  • Inspect drain line for coil; clean if necessary
  • Check condenser for any signs of damage
  • Check condenser fan blades and ensure they are balanced
  • Check pressure on high/low sides
  • Clean air conditioner disconnect
  • Visually inspect copper lineset and insulation
  • Check amp draw on compressor and motor
  • Check and inspect capacitor
  • Check and Inspect contactor
  • Check and inspect electrical wiring and connections
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Put unit top back on and secure back together
  • Start unit and check pressures
  • Check amp draw on unit again
  • Take gauges off and close schrader valve cap and seal with blue leak lock.
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