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Online Pricing is based on the average cost in our local service areas.

Online Pricing includes everything that is required for a typical installation & standard upgrades to the home.

Your home may already have the required upgrades completed, to help with reducing costs.

After submitting an approved online quote request or scheduling a free consultation, our team is able to provide you with a Personalized Guaranteed No-Obligation Quote.

In some cases additional cost upgrades may be required, that are not included in our Online Pricing.

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Remove & Replace Existing Equipment

When we are replacing an older, broken or outdated equipment.

This services includes the removal of the older equipment from the premises.

When we are able to re-use existing components, such as electrical wiring, drains, venting, filter racks, copper, and air conditioner pad or bracket.

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Complete New Installation

When we are installing new equipment that did not previously exist.

Adding an air conditioner or heat pump to your home, switching from a water heater to tankless, switching from oil to gas are a few examples of a Complete New Installation.

When we are not able to use existing components, having to add wiring, venting, drain system, filter rack, or copper to name a few.

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CoolHeat Comfort Systems

Bosch Ducted Heat Pump

Bosch Ducted Heat Pump

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Pricing is based on the average installation in our local service area. 
Basic Installation With A 3.0 TON Heat Pump System.  

Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Heat Pump

Inverter heat pump systems from Bosch.

With quality engineering and industry-leading technology, Bosch air-to-air heat pumps provide quiet and efficient home heating and cooling. During colder months, an air-to-air heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air during colder months and transfers it indoors. During warmer months, the process is reversed: the system extracts heat from the air inside the home and expels it outside to cool the house.

Bosch inverter-driven air-to-air heat pump systems are known for their simplicity, efficiency, and compact size, making them an ideal choice for residential heating and cooling in Ottawa. 

  • Achieves up to 20.5 SEER | 10.5 HSPF
  • Eligible for maximum energy rebates, allowing homeowners to save the most on energy costs
  • Combines our top tier BOV* outdoor unit with our exceptional two stage constant torque ECM style air handler
About the IDS Premium 20 SEER System
  • Qualify for maximum energy rebates and save the most on energy costs with our highest efficiency offering: the Bosch Premium Premium 20 SEER System. The IDS Premium combines our top tier Bosch outdoor unit with our exceptional two stage constant torque ECM style air handler.
  • The high-efficiency variable capacity inverter compressor can adjust to speeds ranging from 26% to 130% to perfectly cool and heat your home using minimal energy for maximum comfort. The Bosch outdoor unit can adjust to any speed between 36% and 130%. (in 1% increments). Additionally, our Bosch air handler features a two-stage ECM motor. This capability allows the indoor blower to stage up and down to provide enhanced comfort, energy savings, and superior humidity control.

 Why Choose A Bosch IDS System

Quiet Comfort Achieved
The Bosch Inverter Ducted Split system is one of the  quietest air-to-air heat pumps on the market. Through the use of silent blade technology, sound isolating mounts and outdoor condensing section placement - the system can deliver outdoor sound levels as low as 56 dBA - which is far superior to any standard system on the market.

Consume Only the Energy You Need
Modulating inverter systems deliver only the amount of hot or cool air needed to achieve the desired temperature – no more, no less. Bosch's Inverter Ducted Split system can provide you with maximum comfort levels at a minimum cost.

Fast Response
It takes traditional systems a long time to reach the homeowner’s desired temperature, while the boosted compressor speed of inverter systems allows for quicker, smoother and more efficient heating and cooling.

Consistent Room Temperature
Conventional heat pumps frequently cycle on and off, resulting in uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.  Inverter-driven heat pumps are able to self-adjust, providing consistent room temperature, even when the temperature
outdoors dips below freezing.

Energy Use is Even and Steady
The frequent on and off of traditional units creates an in-rush current surge which uses more energy and causes unneeded wear and tear on your system. The Bosch inverter system smoothly ramps up operation, avoiding spikes in energy use and protecting the system’s life-cycle.
Residential Limited Warranty
With the residential limited warranty, you receive peace-of-mind knowing you will receive up to 10 years protection on parts and up to 2 years on gateway connectivity
components. This standard offering covers all components incorporated into the heat pump system at the time of manufacture. All other components or parts that are
purchased from Bosch and installed in the field have a 1-year parts warranty.
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CoolHeat Comfort Systems

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CoolHeat Comfort guarantees the total quoted* to complete the job is what you will pay. There will be no additional charges or surprises during or after the installation of your new comfort system.

*After A Pre-Inspection, or approved photos or videos submitted for online quoting.

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Customer Respect

The CoolHeat Comfort Technicians strive to be the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. If they have not performed in accordance with our high standards, we may provide you with a 1-year free ComfortClub Membership at no charge.

Property Protection

Our Comfort Technicians will ensure all property such as carpeting, floors, walls, furniture, and door frames are protected. Protective carpet/floor runners will be used on all work and traffic areas as we install your new comfort system.

If the unlikely event of damage were to occur, the property may be replaced and/or repaired.

Dedicated To Customer Service

Local Family owned heating & cooling service provider, proudly serving Ottawa for over 11 years.

CoolHeat is dedicated to our customers & community. We are here to help answer any questions you may have about your new system, modern technologies and government rebates that might be available.

Our Team is dedicated to continue to serve beyond the purchase and installation of your new heating system.

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