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CoolHeat Comfort Systems offers reliable and efficient Hot Water Tanks. Let our dependable Maintenance, Service & Installation team install your new Hot Water Tank. Providing comfort for your family is our top priority and all our Comfort Systems are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Financing available for as low as $39/per month.

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Learn more about installing a new Furnace System from a CoolHeat Comfort Technician. Ask which financing and rental options are available for your home. Reduce the price of your Furnace by discovering which rebates apply to your Comfort Systems.

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What is your 10-Year Warranty?

Coolheat offers the best warranties in the HVAC business. Our 10 year Parts & Labour Warranty will have you sleeping comfortably for years to come. Our professionally trained Comfort Technicians will guide you through other warranties available for your Comfort Systems during your free energy consultation.

Should I rent or buy?

It is always less expensive in the long run to purchase your Hot Water System upfront. If you Rent your System it will typically cost you almost twice as much as if you purchase it outright. Ask CoolHeats Comfort Technicians for a free energy consultation. Financing options are also available.

What are the Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water System?

Typically a Tankless System is roughly 30% more efficient than a Hot Water Tank. The benefits of Tankless Hot Water is that you only heat the water when you need it; a Tankless runs unlimited hot water. There is no energy wasted in heating water in a storage tank that goes unused. Avoid worrying about using all the Hot Water during your morning shower "Rush Hour" with a Tankless System.

What Brands do we Offer?

CoolHeat Comfort Systems offers a wide variety of Hot Water Tanks. We offer brands such as GSW, Giant, John Wood, Bradford White and Rheem in a number of different tank sizes.