What To Do If You Received A Warning Tag Or Red Tag From Enbridge Gas

What To Do If You Received A Warning Tag Or Red Tag From Enbridge Gas

If you have received a Warning Tag or Red Tag from Enbridge Gas CoolHeat Comfort Systems is here to help get it resolved.

By Law, licensed gas fitters are required to tag any gas fired appliances or equipment that is found to be unsafe or hazardous to operate.

With over 10 years experience serving the Ottawa Valley CoolHeat Comfort's licensed T.S.S.A. Gas Technicians are here to help resolve any Warning or Red Tags with Enbridge Gas. 

The most common Red Tag is due to a carbon monoxide leak and poor installation of new equipment (this is why it is important to work with a licensed contractor to perform all work on gas fired appliances) although not all the same, all Warning and Red Tags should be taken serious and require immediate attention. 

Understanding what the difference is between a Warning Tag (Type B)  and  a Red Tag (Type A) 

Warning Tag (Type B) from Enbridge Gas is typically related to a code violation. Commonly related to the installation of new equipment or the system not meeting new codes and standards. The System is still considered safe to operate, you are typically given 45 days to resolve any violations and infractions. It is important to take action otherwise your gas will be turned off. 

Reg Tag (Type A) from Enbridge Gas is due to your system being considered unsafe to operate and the gas being turned off to that equipment. You will not be able to use this equipment (ie: furnace) until the issue(s) related to the Red Tag are resolved. 

With over 10 years experience CoolHeat Comfort has been called to action  to help resolve many Red Tags in the Ottawa Valley including:  

  • Highly corroded components 
  • Leaking gas lines 
  • Damaged internal components - cracked heat exchangers
  • Improper installation of equipment
  • Improper installation of venting & drains

It is important to work with a T.S.S.A. Licensed Contractor 

Warning Tags & Red Tags received from Enbridge Gas should be taken serious. If you fail to take action on Warning Tags (Type B) Enbridge Gas will shut off your gas resulting to further delays after the repairs to get completed. 

With over 10 years serving the Ottawa Valley CoolHeat Comfort Systems is here to help. If you received a Warning Tag Or Red Tag get in touch  with our today. 

Get in touch or give us a call at 613-366-1200

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