Ottawa Air Conditioner Buyer's Guide

Much of Canada is anticipating to encounter warmer than normal temperatures this summer, the Government of Canada reports.  

If you are installing a new air conditioner in Ottawa , it is crucial to ensure it is done correctly, including the size of the unit, and to have it installed professionally with the system working the way it was designed.  

Our team is here to help, below is a guide specifically for home owners in Ottawa & surrounding areas that are considering having a new air conditioner installed. 

Everything you need to know about air conditioners to help your family make the right decision for your home. 

CoolHeat Comfort is a local family owned heating and cooling service provider proudly servicing Ottawa and surrounding communities for over a decade. 

If you have an questions or concerns please reach out we are here to help. 

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What To Consider When Buying An Air Conditioner In Ottawa?

There are many different factors to consider when buying an Air Conditioner in Ottawa, these are some of the most common factors that influence home owners with their decision. 

The Efficiency Of The Air Conditioner

The size of the air conditioner is one of the most important factors to ensure it is working as designed. This is why it is important to work with professionals to ensure your system is sized correct, which can be difficult with some of the older homes in the Ottawa Valley. 

In order for the air conditioner to run at its highest efficiency it needs to be sized and installed correctly. 

Our Air Conditions range from 13 SEER to 17 SEER, home owners looking for a higher SEER rating should consider a Heat Pump System.

Ottawa Summers Are Short, Hot & Humid

We do not experience long summers in Ottawa, but they can be extremely hot and often very humid. Air conditioners run almost everyday in Ottawa during the summer months, helping home owners escape the humidity.  

Although we do not need air conditioners year round in Ottawa, when temperatures reach past the high 20's an air conditioner becomes a necessity for many home owners. 

Temperature Fluctuations and Cold Nights. 

Some evenings, Ottawa can be extremely humid, while others are more cooler. Sometimes, even in a single day the temperature can rise quickly, and also plummet quickly as the sunsets. However, during those hot summer days the humidity and heat is almost too much to bare, having an air conditioner installed in your home becomes a valuable asset. 

How Loud Will It Be?

Modern air conditioners still make noise, quieter than years past however they produce some noise as the system operates, outside fan spins, and air moves throughout your home. Most home owners find the noise to be a white noise, blending into the background, almost a calming effect and non-distracting to themselves and their neighbors. 

An air conditioner that has faulty components or that is not installed correctly can make more noise than what it was designed for becoming more of  a concern for you and your neighbors. 

It is important to have your air conditioner installed by professionals.

What Homeowners Need to Know about installing an Air Conditioner?

Where Is The Best Place To Install An Air Conditioner?  

Installing an air conditioner in the right place will ensure it operates efficiently, prevent breakdowns and help ensure you stay comfortable. 

Although almost every air conditioner install is different, not only does our team follow provincial codes and regulations, our team follows some of the following best practices to ensure the installation meets our high expectations and standards for homes in Ottawa, Ottawa Valley and the communities that surround. 

  • The outdoor unit needs 2-3 feet of space around all sides. This will ensure the warm air coming out of the system is able to disperse quicker. If not enough air flow the system may freeze-up or overheat which could lead to costly repairs typically not covered under warranty by the manufacture. - we cannot stress enough to work with professions like our team when installing an air conditioner. 
  • The outdoor unit is elevated to protect it from pooling water. Our team uses Air Conditioner Pads (resemble a patio stone, designed for air conditioners) or Raised on Brackets depending on the home. 
  • Ensure the outdoor unit is not close to any trees, shrubs and bushes. Leaves, debris and other organic materials can build up around the outdoor unit which could lead to blocking air flow to the system. Lack of air flow will cause the system to not operate the way it was designed, and could also lead to expensive breakdowns and repairs typically not covered under warranty by the manufacture. .

Ensuring You Have The Right Size Air Conditioner for Your Home Is Crucial. 

As we stated above, having the right size air conditioner will ensure it is operating  as efficiently and effectively as it was designed. 

Cooling your home in Ottawa can be effected by many different factors, which will effect the performance of your system and weather or not it cools your home. This is why it is important to work with trained, certified professionals, like our team at CoolHeat when it comes to your air conditioner installation. 

Some Factors Include: 

  • The Windows: A home with a lot of windows is common in Ottawa, these home require more cooling capacity, since a large amount of sunlight enters the home creating a greenhouse effect.  The direct of the sun effects a lot of homes, some homes experience a lot of sun at both sunrise and sunset. 
  • The Insulation: Take advantage of any government grants or rebates and ensure your home is better insulated if you want the most out of your air conditioner. With better insulation it is more efficient and effective to maintain a comfortable temperature. Inadequate seals around doors,  windows and poor insultation will make it harder to cool your home.
  • The Homes Age: There are a lot of older homes in Ottawa and communities around the Ottawa Valley. These homes often require more cooling capacity due to the design of the home, poor insulation and seals.
  • Difficult Installation: With over 10 years experience installing Air Conditioners In the Ottawa Valley our team has been challenged many times to install an air conditioner in a unique setting, older home or commercial application. Our team always gets the job done. It is important to have your air conditioner installed by professionals. 
  • High Ceilings: Homes in Ottawa with high ceilings can require more cooling capacity. 

Contact Our Team to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more about your homes cooling needs or Request an Express Online Quote to get started

What Air Conditioner Maintenance Should Homeowners In Ottawa Perform?

All cooling system in Ottawa require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating properly. As a homeowner you can perform some regular maintenance to help your system, however your cooling system will require professional maintenance, cleaning and tune-ups. Our team is here to help. 

Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips For Ottawa Homeowners. 

  • Clean around the outdoor unit to ensure there is nothing covering, or any debris around the system. Ensure the system has 2-3 feet around it, check this every few weeks especially during the spring as weeds and plants begin to show. 
  • Replace the air filters regularly, we recommend every month during the cooling season. Depending on the type of filter and air filtration system you are using, contact our team if you have an questions about your air filtration system.
  • Inspect all the seals around the doors and windows, replace them as needed. 

Professional Ottawa Air Conditioner Maintenance

To ensure your cooling system is operating efficiently, to help prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs and to protect the manufacture's warranty on newer installs ensure you schedule an Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance once per year or Join The ComfortClub & Save.
Professional Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance may include:
  • A complete and total inspection of the system, ensuring it is operating  to manufactures specifications. 
  • Inspect refrigerant pressures 
  • Inspect the fan operation and compressor
  • Ensure all moving parts and components are properly installed, lubricated and working in order. Inspect for any signs of failure. 
  • Test and Measure the output and performance of your system to compare with future inspections, repairs and maintenances with CoolHeat. 
  • Comprehensive Service Record Tracking to help increase the value of your investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioners

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Air Conditioner?

The cost of an Air Conditioner Installation in Ottawa can range from low end models starting at $3000 up to over $10 000 plus, depending on the system that is installed and what is required to complete the installation. On average the cost to install an air conditioner in Ottawa, Ottawa Valley and surrounding communities is $5000 on the high end.

The cost to install an air conditioner is depends on the following: 

  • The size, and design of your home. Older? High Ceilings? 
  • The age and quality of the window and door seals, the home's insultation 
  • The current duct work, and design. Is it complex? Zoned system? 
  • Other systems you would like to add, air filtration, HRV, dehumidifiers
  • The brand, quality and performance of the new  Air Conditioner. 

View Our Air Conditioner Options  - Get An Express Quote Online or Schedule A Free In-Home Consultation To Learn Exactly How Much It Would Cost For An Air Conditioner in your home. 

How Long Does It Take To Install An Air Conditioner

With over 11 years experience installing air conditioners in the Ottawa Valley CoolHeat Comfort systems has seen it all! However, not all jobs are the same.

Many Air Conditioners can be installed within one day.

Some installations require more work than others. Some things to consider that may effect how long it takes to get the job done include:

  • The existing ductwork.
  • The area we are working for example crawl spaces and cramped spaces can take longer than open basements.
  • The new products we are installation. Larger more complex systems take longer.
  • Adding a new air conditioner can take longer than if we are replacing an older pre-existing air conditioner.

The CoolHeat Comfort Team will always ensure you are aware of what to expect during the installation before you make your purchase.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Cost To Run During The Summer In Ottawa?

Technology today allows for Air Conditioners to be designed for a high efficiency compared to older models. Every home's needs are different and the cost to operate an air conditioner will range. 

Hydro Ottawa States  "Air conditioning accounts for roughly one-third of Ontario’s electricity use on the hottest days of the year. And a typical homeowner with central air conditioning can spend an extra $200 in energy costs over the summer" - Hydro Ottawa

How Long Will My Air Conditioner Last? 

CoolHeat Comfort installations are completed with the absolute attention to detail, cleanliness and designed to maximize the performance and lifespan of your AC.

With Regular Annual Maintenance you can expect your new high efficient air conditioner to cool your home for up to 15 years. 

What Are Signs Of An Air Conditioner That Needs Service?

An Air conditioner is a complex system, even a properly installed air conditioner that is well maintained, has regular maintenance can still have parts fail, or other issues with the system. 

Regular inspections of your system can prevent unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

Signs home owners can look out for to prevent the AC from breaking down include: 

  • Poor air flow,  not blowing enough air 
  • Vents not blowing cold air, warm air only 
  • Finding water leaks  anywhere around the system
  • Foul smells, and abnormal, louder noises -listed below
  • Not completing full cycles, shutting off too soon 

What does an Air Conditioner Sound Like? Is An Air Conditioner Loud? 

A properly installed air conditioner that is working to manufactures specifications, that is maintained regularly and well taken care of should have a low decibel blowing sound as air passes through your duct work. You may hear a  low decibel sound from the outdoor unit fan as well. 

What Are Warning Signs My Air Conditioner May Have A Problem? 

If your air conditioner is experiencing any of the following, shut the system off and get in touch with your team. 

  • Frozen, Ice build up outside or inside 
  • Clicking type sound on outdoor unit as fan spins, may indicate broken fan blade 
  • A rumbling type sound coming from the compressor, could be a number of factors 
  • Any type of hissing, or leaking sound may indicate leaking refrigerant 
  • Any type of Grinding type noise, could indicate loose components including belts, or other loose components. 

If detected early enough, or with regular maintenance and inspections you could prevent unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

If you are experiencing a problem with your air conditioner or would like to have it inspected to ensure it is ready for summer. Get In Touch or Schedule An Air Conditioner Maintenance.  

Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner ? 

You should always seek professional advice when it comes to the cooling system in your home.

Our CoolHeat Comfort Technicians are able analyze the condition, age, health and performance of your system giving you a realistic understanding of any future repairs that may be needed.

Although every home is different, in the Ottawa Valley an air conditioner 10 years or older should be considered for to be replaced. As your system ages the performances drops and the need for repairs becomes frequent.

With Regular Annual Maintenance you can expect your new high efficient air conditioner to cool your home for up to 15 years.

At some point a new system becomes more cost effective.

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Modern Air Conditioners use refrigerant to transfer the heat from inside your home to outside. As the refrigerant passes through the system, multiple components will change the state of the refrigerant, allowing it to absorb and release heat, making it cooler in your home. 

Understanding how the process of air conditioning works:

  • As the low-pressure refrigerant absorbs heat from your home in the evaporate, it changes from a liquid state to a gas. 
  • The gas moves through the system into the compressor, where the gas becomes highly pressurized. 
  • The pressurized refrigerant moves into the condenser, the heat is released through the system. 
  • The pressurized refrigerant moves into the expansion valve, depressurizing the refrigerant
  • The refrigerant, (now back to low-pressure) moves back into the evaporator to begin the process of removing heat from your home again.  

Dedication To Customer Service

CoolHeat is dedicated to our customers & community. We are here to help answer any questions you may have about purchasing a new system, repairing an older one, or getting maintenance performed.

Our Team is dedicated to continue to serve beyond the purchase and installation of your new cooling System. 

If you have any questions or concerns about  installing, repairing, or maintaining an air conditioner in Ottawa get in touch with our team

We are here to help. 

View Our Air Conditioner Options  - Get An Express Quote Online or Schedule A Free In-Home Consultation To Learn Exactly How Much It Would Cost For An Air Conditioner in your home. 

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