6 Reasons Why You Should Convert From Oil To Gas

6 Reasons Why You Should Convert From Oil To Gas

Heating your home is an expensive necessity; with the cost of oil on the rise a lot of homes are making the switch from oil to gas in Ottawa. 

Homes in the Ottawa Valley that switch from oil to gas not only save money they can also reduce the cost of home insurance, increase their property value, and lower overall maintenance & operating costs.

If it is time to replace your older oil burning furnace, then you should consider converting your home to heating with gas. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should make the change.

Gas Costs Less Than Oil To Heat Your Home

Comparing an oil furnace to a gas furnace, with the same efficiency, the gas furnace would cost 25% less to operate. Even higher savings when comparing older oil burning designs to new high efficient Energy Star rated gas burning furnaces. Natural gas is easily accessible compared to oil making it a lot more affordable and cost effective. 

Return On Your Investment

In the long-run you will save more money by making the switch to gas out-weighting the initial cost to convert from oil to gas. Over-Time the overall savings by switching to gas is higher than the cost to convert.  

Gas Is More Convenient - Save Time & Money

Oil needs to be delivered to your home & levels need to be checked regularly. Oil burning furnaces require more maintenance and proper care to operate efficiently. Oil burning furnaces require you to monitor the oil levels to ensure you never run out of supply.

You can never run out of natural gas, it comes from underground pipelines. You never need to worry about weather or not you are running low on gas. 


Less Maintenance 

Oil burning systems require a storage tank that requires regular inspections. Oil burning systems release a lot more carbon and particles compared to burning gas, that effect the performance of the system requiring more maintenance, inspections and higher risk of breakdowns and repairs. 

Natural Gas Can Be Used For Other Appliances 

Natural gas can be used in your home for other appliances, you can use gas for water heating, BBQ gas line, gas fireplace, garage heaters, and In floor heating to name a few. Natural gas is highly versatile, and can be used in multiple applications saving you time and money in other areas of your home.  

By converting from oil to gas you allow yourself more options and ability to use modern technology.  

Natural Gas Is Reliable

During emergency events, including weather and natural disasters oil deliver may not be possible, leaving your home without heat. Since natural gas is supplied directly to your home with underground pipelines (unless catastrophic) your heating system will still operate. 

Is It Worth It To Switch From Oil To Natural Gas?


Even after the initial investment and upfront costs to convert your home from oil to gas it is worth it! Typically, natural gas is more efficient and cost effective compared to heating oil because it is readily available.

It is also highly reliable, especially during emergency events since it is supplied using underground pipelines; you will never run out of gas.

There are many reasons more and more homes in Ottawa are making the switch from oil to natural gas. It is more convenient and practical compared to heating with oil heating.

Making the switch to gas not only saves you money it makes your life easier.


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