Surprise! Your Furnace broke and
you need to replace it but like
most of us you don’t have that
kind of cash lying around.
Financing with FinanceIt will allow
us to put the right Comfort System
in your home for a competitive price.
CoolHeat works closely with lenders to make
sure that you are easily approved for
an afforable monthly payment! Our Financing
options can even help restore
and rebuild poor credit ratings.

Easy Online Credit Approval

Apply for Financing Online with FinanceIt! Our locally owned and family run, our team of professionally trained Comfort Technicians work closely with lenders to ensure you get the best available rates. Check out our Better Business Bureau Rating & Reviews.

Rental Options are also Availablefor as little as $49/month!
We are a locally owned, family operated Ottawa HVAC Maintenance, Service, Repairs & Installation company. Even if you have a low credit rating our Comfort Technicians can set you up with a Comfort System for as little as $49/month! Speak with a Comfort Technician about your Rental Options.

Rent a Furnace

Rent an Air Conditioner!

Rent a Tankless Hot Water System!