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Keep your home warm this winter by installing a new high efficiency furnace. We offer Cleaning, Maintenance, & Repairs for all Oil, Gas, & Propane Heating & Cooling Comfort Systems. Ask A CoolHeat Comfort Technician for a free home energy consultation and learn which government rebates and financing options are available now.

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Learn more about installing a new Furnace System from a CoolHeat Comfort Technician. Ask which financing and rental options are available for your home. Reduce the price of your Furnace by discovering which rebates apply to your Comfort Systems.

Why CoolHeat Comfort?

Our local family run business offers exceptional customer service as well as quality brand name products. Our Comfort Technicians will guide you through the whole process. From assessing your Comfort needs; to installing your Comfort System; to registering your warranty. Your Comfort Specialist will instruct you on proper Service & Maintenance of your equipment so it'll run at optimum efficiency for years to come. When you choose CoolHeat we are there with you for the life of your Comfort System and beyond.

What is your 10-Year Warranty?

Coolheat offers the best warranties in the HVAC business. Our 10 year Parts & Labour Warranty will have you sleeping comfortably for years to come. Our professionally trained Comfort Technicians will guide you through other warranties available for your Comfort Systems during your free energy consultation.

What rebates are available for furnaces?

Rebates for a new Furnace depends on the type of Heating System you're installing. By installing a new Comfort System you can qualify for a rebate from the Ontario Power Authority. Please contact us for a free energy consultation for more information.

What type of furnaces do you install?

We sell a full range of furnaces from single stage, dual stage and modulating furnaces. Our experts will assist you in choosing the correct furnace for your home that will provide you and your family long term comfort while reducing the energy consumption to save you money on your energy bills.

What can I save by upgrading my Furnace?

Savings will depend on your current Furnace and the new system being installed. One thing is sure; installing a new, energy efficient Furnace will reduce your energy costs. Contact our local Comfort Experts for advice on the best Furnace for your home.

What are the benefits of installing a Humidifier?

Most of the tissue in our bodies is composed of water. When we lose water our skin dries up and the symptoms of dehydration begin to show including chronic joint and muscle pain, raspy throat, sore eyes and lack of mental concentration. The same goes for musicians and their instruments; if the humidity isn't properly maintained then their instruments will begin to warp and crack. The most common way to combat dehydration is to drink a lot of water. The other, less common method is to maintain the relative humidity in your home with a Furnace Humidifier. Ask our CoolHeat Comfort Technicians how to optimize the relative humidity in your home.

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